Ultra High Resolution Images and Murals

Learn about High Resolution Images, Mural Prints and Stitching Techniques.

Creating very-high-resolution images that are suitable for mural sized prints has become easier in recent years. However, it requires some planning and expertise to create flawless images. Many extremely large-sized pictures have obvious stitching errors and are not fit for high-quality printing.

I have engaged in some interesting projects featuring large-scale prints. With the recent attention towards high-resolution murals and their fashionable statements and obvious value for advertising, I created a new option for my clients to buy these murals directly.
I am very excited to be able to offer this directly through a partnership with two companies serving these markets.

High Resolution Mural Prints

I created many of my favorite high resolution images many years ago with freeware tools. When I posted my Machu Picchu image, many people took notice. I received many favorable comments and emails. The picture was one of the few at the time that were flawless, visually interesting and gigantic in size. It is still too large for normal printing by today’s standards, but with the rapid progression of technology, I am anticipating the moment where this picture can be printed on a single sheet of paper or fabric.

High Resolution Machu Picchu Image

I have seen many new and exciting software solutions for the creation of high-resolution pictures, but so far, nothing has even come close to my preferred software. If you want to learn more about the creation of these images, refer to my tutorial on high-resolution stitching.

Tutorial: Stitching High Resolution Images

So far super resolution has failed to become a contender to the stitching process. Despite its outlandish claims, I have failed to see much increase in resolution over single images with the naked eye. I am sure resolution increase can be measured and mathematically proven, but as one of my favorite photographers, Alain Briot, used to say, “The proof is in the pudding...”

Review of Photo Acute Studio

Here is a cool article on computer visualization of High Resolution Murals:

High Resulution Image Visualization