How to Buy a Digital Camera - The Beginner’s Guide

The easy way of finding the best camera.

Trying to find the best-rated digital cameras online is a difficult task. I have finally found a good format to guide you through the maze and to the digital camera that is best for you.

I have created an interactive Mind Map to show you which digital camera to buy based on your requirements. You can manipulate the map and let it guide you toward a small selection of cameras that fit your needs:

The Best Digital Camera Mind Map

How to use the Mind Map to find the best camera to buy

When you click on the link above, you will see the interactive map like this.

Mindmap Starting Point

By clicking on any of the outlying bubbles, you can unfold the next levels. You can drag the map around with your mouse or use the controls at the top of the page for zooming, fitting, and unfolding it. There are many ways to get around and part of the fun is figuring everything out and exploring the map. The map will tell you exactly what camera you need for your preferred mode of shooting.

What the icons mean

When you click through the map, you will notice some icons. Hover with your mouse over the yellow page icon to read further information that I put in there. It contains details that can help you make the right decision when buying a digital camera.

At the end of the branches, you will find the cameras. Click on the red arrow to go directly to the product page on where you can read more about this camera or buy it.

Mind Map Details

Embed code for your website

The large interactive map took some time to create. I will maintain the map with new arrivals and remove outdated models. Here is how the entire map would look like if you could display it all at once:

Digital Camera Mind Map Full

Many of the nodes contain text snippets too.

I hope you enjoy the map. If you would like to share it with your visitors, you can either link it directly:

The best Digital Camera Mind Map

or you can copy the code below on your page. Please leave the link to this website intact. If you use the code, new updates will automatically show on your map. Just paste the code into your html source, somewhere between the body tags.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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turned off.

Activate both and reload to view the mindmap


<script type="text/javascript">

// <![CDATA[

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fo.addParam("quality", "high");

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fo.addVariable("openUrl", "_blank");

fo.addVariable("initLoadFile", "");



// ]]>




This map is designed and maintained by <a href="">Andre Gunther Photography</a>.</p>



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Pretty Smart

Pretty Smart

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this information. I found it very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about...

Digital Camera!

When I go to buy a brand new digital camera. I always ask the person that is selling back in the photo center or electronics. Which one would they recommend and why is one better then the other camera. They usually tell me what they know I come home do some research and then go back and buy the camera I have read better reviews on. Thanks for the information and article.

Thank you very much, I'm a

Thank you very much, I'm a photographer amateur and i bought several cameras before, but there are some features that i didn't check before like the low noise, thanks for clearing this out.

Cool mind map! Personally,

Cool mind map! Personally, I’m no professional photographer, so I’d definitely go for those point-and-shoot cameras. Easy to use and fast snaps.

I love taking pictures but

I love taking pictures but never really thought about how much difference the camera I use can make.
Thanks a bunch, will look info getting a better camera for sure!! :)

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May consider moving over to

May consider moving over to an SLR camera. Ive got a Panasonic TZ10 at the moment and although it takes some amazing photos, as ive become more interested in photography I think for the absolute best picture you need an SLR. So for sure i will be taking your advice on board. Il keep you posted which I decide to buy.


A clever way to narrow down

A clever way to narrow down the options of Digital camera. Il let you know which one my mind settles on.


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I think your interactive map

I think your interactive map is great. It will help many people who are undecided about their camera choices. However, maybe you can get a freelance illustrator online to help you beautify the map by including pictures of the cameras.
Christine - freelance illustrator

Great Stuff!

Hey, Great points. Quite helpful.
This is such an informative article and extremely clearly written. Every single thought and concept is direct towards the point. Perfectly laid out.
Waiting for your next update

I just bought a sony camera

I just bought a sony camera and I wasn't impress with its image quality. It's really hard to find a good camera if you're a first time buyer. I hope this digital camera mind map can help me and others who are looking for the best cameras. It doesn't need to be very expensive but good image quality is a big plus!
Jonathan Budd mastermind

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Hey..I'm also a photographer

Hey..I'm also a photographer and I want to buy a digital camera for me containing above features...Your stuff will be very helpful for me while purchasing a digital camera for me. Keep it up in future too.

This concept is really

This concept is really helpful for those who wants to buy a new digital camera. I agree with this, we should consider many things in buying a digital camera such as our skill, need, what kind of picture we are trying to take, etc.

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Hover with your mouse over

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