How to Develop Your Own Style of Photography

Bristlecone Pine It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, but when it comes to creative arts, it’s best to develop your own style. Famous artists and sculptors have their signature styles, and it is their innate uniqueness that allows experts and aficionados to recognize their work and differentiate it from that of their peers. If you want to gain a fair amount of fame and success as a professional photographer, you need to develop your own style too, one that says you’re unique and different from the hundreds of thousands of others in the business. While it’s easy to think along these lines, most photographers don’t know how to go about developing their own style. It does not happen overnight, and to get to a point where your work is easily distinguishable, you need to first build a firm foundation:

  • If you’re just starting out in this business, you need to initially gain some experience and experiment with different styles and genres before you start to think of a style of your own.
  • Developing your own style does not mean that you cannot have a mentor, someone whose work and style you admire. You could even work as an apprentice to gain an insight of how they work, and the more time you spend with them, the more you start to realize what your own style is.
  • Learn all you can about photography techniques and methods; the more knowledge you gain and the more current and relevant this knowledge is, the easier it is for you develop a style that keeps up with modern trends and prevents you from getting outdated. Continue to update your knowledge from various sources throughout your career so that you can alter your style accordingly.
  • Your photography style should come through irrespective of the subject of your picture – whether a personal portrait or a wildlife shot, both pictures should reflect your style at first glance.
  • Don’t try too hard to develop a style of your own; sometimes the harder you try, the more elusive it seems. Instead, just go with the flow, follow your heart and instincts, and let your abilities and skills take over, and you’ll most likely end up with your photography signature.
  • It takes time and patience to develop your own style and be consistent to it, so wait and persist until you’re able to achieve success.


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Photograph by Andre Gunther

Great Article

Thank you for your wonderful article Kathy. I added a picture that characterizes my own style, hope you don't mind.
Those are all excellent points. A personal style is one of the hardest things to grasp in photography. I think style is something that evolves over time as your taste changes.
I would like to add that not everybody will agree with your style of photography and many people feel the need to articulate their displeasure on the internet. Don't let that discourage you though. It probably just means you are on the right track, as long as some people like your style.
If we were to produce images that would please everyone, they would per definition be average and gravitate to the center of the curve.
Although the center is a comfortable place to be, since you will face less criticism, you will also face much greater competition, since many more people gravitate toward the center. Take pride in your difference instead, even if you hear more negatives.



This article is very encouraging for new photographers, to step outside the norm and try new things. This is exactly what I need to do in order to create better photographs.

Thank you

Thank you ever so much. This has helped so much. I can't wait to shoot :)

Shoot as much as you can

And I have a point, Shoot as much as you can. It's impossible to develop a style if you don't have enough experience in the field. If you're diligent about the quality of the photographs you produce, the style aspect will fall into place for sure.

Sorry Angela

I don't know if that's correct. I have watch my son doing exactly that, shooting at every thing, but all it seems to do is disappoint him.
He keeps believing the shots are no good, or too much noise in this one, (I don't understand that one) I think he's too fussy.
Maybe it will work out over time, (I hope so)
If anyone knows whats the best way to keep a budding photographer going, I would love to know.
Thanks Alex

I feel the same way with my photographs

I guess what you need to understand is what exactly is your son looking for in his photographs. Consider looking at his favorite shots in order for you to understand what kind of pictures please him. Personally, I have a similar reaction to my photographs especially if I am unable to execute a certain vision in my mind. But when I do get it, those are the photographs that I include in my favorites.

Am I making sense?

Reaching my Dreams

I've always dreamed to be a professional photographer someday so this article really did help me a lot. I guess I have to work hard on creating my own style in photography from now on. As an aspiring photographer, I have yet to prove my skills and ability in taking good pictures that can be considered as real art so that I can make myself proud.

The one thing that can often

The one thing that can often fall by the wayside while you are trying to dig yourself out of of the mountain of education that has landed on your head is that you also have to develop your own style. -Kyle Thomas Glasser

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