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I love to travel and experience new places. I share this passion with many readers. Many believe that it will take a great location to take great photographs. That is simply not true.

Maybe you are reading this article at home, a place I might consider a great vacation destination.

Home Advantage for Photographers

Many of us do not realize our home advantage. Despite saving on travel expenses, we know the weather patterns, the secret locations and the events of our surroundings much better than the passing travel photographer ever will.

I have often been in a location with the weather being much less than ideal. When my travel plans do not permit to stick around for the perfect weather to emerge, I have to leave knowing that I could have taken better photographs if the weather had cooperated.

If you watch the weather forecast, you have a much greater chance to be at the right place at the right time if you are staying home.

You have been everywhere near home.

You have explored and photographed all the great locations near your home and now you feel that there are not many great shots out there anymore.


Now that you have gotten the mandatory “everyone-has-them” shots out of the way, you can finally focus on being creative.

Don’t let hordes of photographers with tripods distract you! Venture into uncharted territory with your camera ready and an open mind to trying new angles and new compositions. Initially you will produce a smaller number of successful images, but since you are close to home, you can always come back for more. There is no reason to rush things or to be disappointed from a day worth of shooting with absolutely no picture worth mentioning. You probably had a great time, seen a great location that you should come back to in better light, or have discovered something near home that not many people know of.

At the least you have expanded your horizon and you are well on your way to becoming a better photographer capable of finding your own compositions.

Let’s face it: All well known and famous locations are over-photographed to the point where you are guaranteed not to make a splash with another gorgeous photograph of the same place.


I loosely define home as the radius around your house or apartment that you can reach within a few hours of driving, hiking or biking - in case you were wondering what to photograph in your backyard. Everyone can be an expert about a location. Eventually this will result in better photographs.

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Great article, nice insight, thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Your World Anew

This is so true. There is so much still to be seen in your own back yard. Force yourself to view it all with a new eye! My father just won 1st place in the county (B/W category) for a local photo. Something that someone else might have overlooked just caught his eye and it turned out great. So just look at your work thru fresh eyes!


Oh that is so funny. Jennifer, unknowingly you almost guessed the title of my next short essay of this series. It's set for automatic release this Thursday. Thanks for your insightful comment.


I agree with you jennifer and congratulation to your father for sharing such a great picture.

Hi there

I just learn about photographer, my object is sea, surfer, waves. My question is how to handle the camera without tripod and not makes the camera shaking ? I mean the technique. i need your advise.. please. Thank you


Hello Indah,

I am currently running a series of articles on this issue. You have to consider camera shake and motion blur. I recommend you go to the front page and read the most recent article and the one I will publish next week. It will all be there.

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i got the canon 1100d and i love it!! but the problem its too complicated for since its my first time to get a pro camera!
how can i get more info abt and how can use all advatages it has:)thank u

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Yeah - location is probably the most important thing when working on your own photo essays collection.