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The Million Dollar Display – Cluster Based Visualization in Hiperspace

Learn how we will appreciate photos in the future.

How I got into HiperSpace and how it looks there.

Update :

I got the pictures from San Diego and since their display is still a bit larger, I decided to update this article.

Hector send me a nice email. It turns out that the photographer had screwed up and forgot to notify Hector, so it wasn't his fault.

So here is how my San Francisco Panorama looks on the Hiperspace Display:

My picture on Hiperspace

This is how I should display all my Panoramas.

Why the Gorillapod needs improvement


Joby flamboyantly markets the Gorillapod SLR Zoom to “serious photographers”.  Will it hold up to the promise of freeing us from our tripods or is it just another useless gadget cluttering our bag?

Let me give you the answer right now. The Gorillapod SLR Zoom is not stiff enough and therefore, sags a bit, making very long exposures difficult, if not impossible.

The Manfrotto 190XPROB and the 190CXPRO3 Tripods

…are the best value for your money.

Me with pods 

The 190XPROB Tripod legs together with any Bogen Manfrotto Tripod Head are an affordable, versatile and easy to use combination. It is my tripod of choice for all my needs.

I like this Tripod so much, that we upgraded Dani to the same one for our last Christmas trip. It makes a big difference to have a professional tripod that just works the way you would expect it to.

Tripod review and advice

Learn what you need to know about Tripods.

Me with Tripods

Here is me posing with tripods and below are the tripod articles.


Help: My pictures look flat, out of focus/blurry/not crisp enough, dull, overexposed

Canon Rebel XSi - 450DCanon Rebel XSi - 450DMy Canon Rebel XSi field guide recently mutated into a bit of a support forum for Rebel XSi users and future XSi owners. I love it when my readers are guiding my writing with questions, answers and even corrections or additions to my articles.

One question that seems to plague a few of you is how to give your pictures some pop (one o!). Why do my pictures often look so colorful while your pictures sometimes look a bit flat or out of focus/blurry/not sharp enough/not crisp enough. Do you have a broken camera or are you missing some other magical button.

Geotagging invades Privacy

Cable Car on Google EarthGeotagging

Through geotagging, you can put spatial information in your pictures, making it easy to find out where you took a particular photograph. The exact GPS coordinates are impressed into the EXIF image data. You can then put your photographs on a map and share it.

My Dad used to travel a lot when he was younger. He was a service technician and he got around. He infected me with the travel bug. I still love to listen to his tales of foreign places. Years take their toll on memories, and sometimes my Dad cannot remember where he took a photo anymore. (I also bought him a slide scanner to prevent his pictures from fading away.)

How different is our world by comparison? We take digital photographs whose color will never fade and now we can even geo-tag them, so that we may never forget where we took a photo. Years later, we can go back to precisely the same spot and see what changed. We can share special places with others or simply promote our photography (Panoramio, Flickr).

The prices for GPS receivers have eroded. Even my iPhone has one already built in. It takes photographs and automatically attaches GPS data. Jobo and other accessory makers have developed GPS receivers that record a location every time you press the shutter release button on your camera, allowing you to combine them later on your PC. For several years, I used to carry a small Garmin GPS, recording track logs and using programs like JetPhoto Studio, Google gpicsync or Microsoft Location Stamper to put the GPS data into my digital files. Geotagging is now a mainstream technology and is more popular than ever.

However, new technologies always bear dangers of exploitation.

Diffraction limits of Resolution

Diffraction affects your image sharpness by limiting Depth of Field and useful Resolution. See how our camera and lens choices influence these limits.

2 Airy discs with small overlapTo increase Depth of Field we simply decrease aperture (larger f-stop). However, we cannot get infinite Depth of Field by decreasing our aperture infinitely. Diffraction establishes the upper limit to Depth of Field.

The subject may seem very technical, but the solution is far from being difficult. To understand this tutorial better, consider reading my Correct Exposure Series of Tutorials and my previous tutorial on Hyperfocal Distance, which explains the relationship of aperture and Depth of Field.

Diffraction is an optical effect limits the resolution / sharpness of our photograph. Since it is an optical effect, higher resolution sensors will not improve resolution further. Higher resolution cameras are thus more demanding on our optics and eventually will yield little to no improvement in total resolution. Diffraction plagues landscape photographers who are striving for a large depth of field and high-resolution images. Many of us are not even aware of this, blindly selecting a small aperture according to our calculators and charts.

My 450D arrived

Canon Rebel XSi - 450DCanon Rebel XSi - 450DMy brand spanking new Rebel XSi arrived from Amazon Today. I finally have a new Toy but I promised to wait for my Birthday that is right around the corner. I already drew up a series of tests I am going to subject the camera to to compare it to my previous models and to test the resolution limit. Until I am ready to unpack my new toy (and get a year older), I have a tutorial to upload.

It has been a short while since my last tutorial since I have been busy with my failing computer and data recovery.

Finally this was over when Tina scared us out of our minds. We had to take her to the emergency care and get her checked out. Tina is our beloved Tabby Feline. Her sibling brother Tigger died almost exactly 2 years at the tender age of 4 and 11 months (yes their birthday coincides with mine). It was heartbraking and it is hard to learn that Tina's days are precious as well, as she has been diagnosed with an illness that could cost her dearly one day. We took her home with us after 2 days of emergency care.

I am a soft hearted person and when it comes to my baby Tina I am just a big sucker.

Back to business: I am probably going to write a 450D diary, adding little pieces of information as I am using the new camera.