A Cache for Dynamic Websites

This tutorial explains how to built a cache for dynamic websites to speed up page generation significantly. I recommend you read the introduction, but you can skip ahead to the actual implementation if you have your own reasons. Yes some CMS actually do cache to HDD, but none of them (at least to my knowledge) is capable to completely avoid DB queries while it serves a cached page. My website will remain functional even when the mysql server goes down. Drupal by nature caches to the DB, so this results in a huge speed increase.

Ultra high resolution Images

This Tutorial shows you how to capture and stitch photographs exceeding the resolution of your camera. In the tutorial I am going to create a 73.2 Megapixel Image, but the Image Size is virtually unlimited (except by your computers capabilities). I will walk through the whole process including the most important part of taking the pictures. With this technique you can stitch Panoramas of any resolution.