San Francisco Presidio and Golden Gate

Fort Point Military Band

We went to San Francisco twice last weekend, in anticipation of a big project I am working on and hope to complete before summer. 

I photographed the Presidio and Fort Point. I was very lucky, since Fort Point celebrated Living History Days with civil war actors in period customs. It was a lot of fun and while we were there, I also photographed some of the spectacular views you can find at the Presidio and the Main Post, from where the Presidio grew to its current spread.

I parked my car and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge to boost my Golden Gate Portfolio. 

Both locations are a lot of fun to discover and the pictures really turned out exceptional (all shot with the Canon 7D). Check them out and come back for more, the project is far from done.

Golden Gate South Tower

New Galleries shot with the Canon 7D

I have uploaded two new Galleries of pictures from my recent trip to the Four Courner States and Nevadea. I shot these pictures with my new Canon 7D. Since the camera is brand new, I had to change my workflow, mostly because my version of Photoshop does not support it and Lightroom 3 Beta does not give me good results with white balance. I worked things out though and finally learned how to use Silkypix Pro (review coming).

Meanwhile, here are some galleries for you to enjoy.

Valley of Fire State Park

The first Gallery is Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This is a very diverse park with plenty of alien looking rock formations to explore. Had I known how much fun it was to explore this jewel, I would have come here sooner.

Colorado National Monument

The second Gallery is Colorado National Monument. I have been in the vicinity twice before and couldn't make it here either. Colorado National Monument also was a pleasant surprise. Nearby parks in Utah overshadow this little pleasant park.

I am working on more galleries and some interesting blog posts. Meanwhile, enjoy these two.

Los Angeles Photography

Los Angeles

Since I am in the process of uploading more images, I decided to add more content to my Los Angeles Galleries as well. L.A. is a giant narcissistic city ecosystem that didn't hold much of a lure for me, but it has it's beautiful sides too.

I usually visit L.A. on trips to the far south or on return trips from the far south. I took this photograph from Mulholland Drive on the way back from Anza Borrego. I usually prefer the serenity of the desert over the stress of big cities, but since stress only happens in our heads, we can chose to ignore it entirely, let it pass right through us. The less other people affect my well-being, the more attractive cities like L.A. become and the more I see, the more I want to see.

I think Los Angeles is a city that grows on you. It took me almost a decade, but slowly I am starting to appreciate what the city has to offer and simply ignore the shady neighborhoods, traffic jams and hectic and narcissistic population. Behind the shallow star cult, the boasting and the huge social differences that make up this city, there is beauty waiting. I will be back, but not during the heat of summer when everyone is just a bit nuttier than usual.

New Pictures of the San Francisco Bay Area

Golden GAte

Today I have uploaded a lot new photographs and created new galleries to hold my new Bay Area pictures. Please take some time and browse through the galleries to enjoy everything the bay area has to offer.

Even I get surprised after many years of living in the Bay Area. I discovered the overview above on a hike through the Marin Headlands.

Other great views include Lands End and the views from Mt. Tamalpais. I also included some pictures of the surrounding communties of Sausalito and Tiburon.

Check out my San Francisco Bay Area Gallery and come back soon for new pictures. I have spent the entire spring photographing and have much to show in the coming weeks.

How to become a professional photographer - Part Two

Photography Business.

New York Library

In Part One of this series, I wrote about ways to make money besides by selling photographs.

Tough business

The photography business is tough. Many people dream of being photographers. It surely must be wonderful to make a living traveling the world with our camera and having others pay the bill while we snap a few pictures along the way.

You are dead wrong. Photography is a tough business.

Time well spent

It may come as a shock to some of you, but pro photographers do not spend most of their time taking photographs. Running a successful photography business requires a lot more than taking pretty pictures. You need to find the right balance that works for you and find out what you want to do with your time.

Exposing California’s photo secrets

Ye Olde ManDuring the last month, I have only published a relatively small number of articles. If you have come to appreciate a steady diet of tutorials and photography related articles, I have good news for you. I am back full force, starting next week.

Introducing my new project

One of the reasons I took things a bit slower is a new project I am working on. I have come to realize that I have spent a great deal of time in California and built up a wealth of knowledge about anything and everything worth photographing. That is why I decided to start a new blog:

California Photo Scout

On the photo scout website I will publish short articles about all the places in California that are worth photographing, how to photograph them, how to find your way around, what equipment you will need, what the best time is for photography and other tips.

It is a blog geared for photographers, photo enthusiasts and tourists with a passion for picture taking. If you ever plan to come to California or if you live here, you will find great value in this blog.

Why not here?

My first priority is this website here. I have built a strong reader base and I love this website. I love interacting with you and I love getting emails every day giving me great feedback.

It is my primary outlet to communicate and help with photographic advice.

However, there are literally hundreds of places I have seen in California and I found that it would litter this website with too much information, so I decided to create a new website.

What is next?

I have many ideas for tutorials and plenty of reviews to write to keep you busy reading and me busy writing furiously. I have become much more efficient and better organized than when I first started blogging, making it possible for me to support this new project despite the many things I do.

I love the discussion on the Rebel XSI Review post and I hope there will be more.  Please do not hesitate to comment or contact me directly if you have an important question on your mind. There is no stupid question, just stupid answers. So keep it coming and don't forget to visit the Photo Scout sometimes.



Web Server Hell

GallowsThe life of a photographer is maybe 10% about photography and 90% about doing other stuff, and that's a very optimistic view, since I don't want to put anyone off.

I spend most of the time making a living one way or another, editing photos, fulfilling orders, answering emails and other fluff.

Included in this other fluff is the smooth running of my server which wasn't so smooth lately and the web design tasks. I got repaid by an awful drop in traffic and even lost some Search Engine love. Finally, I was able (or so I hope) to get the problem solved by a technician at Servint. Seems like there was an errand eAccelerator running, although I was positive that I had disabled it a while ago.

Most of my readers aren't coming here to hear me whine about this or talk about other web design projects, although I occasionally do drop a few pearls of web server wisdom. It is a part of this business and may be of interest for those of us who aren't just about flickr and blogger. I think I also owe my regular readers an explanation for the performance drop and my tardiness with new articles.

Hopefully, the problem is fixed and things will run more smoothly from now on, but I guess it will take at least 6 months to regain my former traffic numbers. I am somewhat stomped by how fast the search guys reacted and dropped rankings. Lets hope they are just as fast giving them back.

Strange Creatures invaded my Blog


I am still months behind with a giant backlog of pictures on my hard drive. It seems like I have finally been able to sort through my computer problems and can now start uploading again.

I put some pictures of Goblin Valley State Park (Utah) online. The stone goblins almost seem real and it is not hard to see why the park is named this way.

Originally called Mushroom Valley by its discoverer, Chaffin, Goblin Valley is a much more fitting name for this place.

I also took the opportunity to put some new pictures in my Bryce Canyon Gallery.

As always, enjoy the photos. More are coming soon.