Framing your masterpieces

Framed Pictures

Selling pictures without frames keeps my costs low and lets me sell my work at very competitive prices. It also gives my customers the choice to shop around for good deals on frames or build their own custom frames. That is the official story. In reality, I dislike the framing work.

I used to go to my local art store for custom jobs or to get ready-made frames. Their selection of existing frames is often not satisfying and custom jobs can become very pricy. Building your own frame is a viable alternative, but I prefer to spend as little time as possible on the framing job and more of my precious little time outdoors, taking photos.

As much as I hate framing pictures, I love anyone who makes it easy for me to get the job done quickly. Therefore, I was very excited when I found this picture frame store. They offer an astounding variety of frames in all shapes, colors and sizes and somehow still keep their products very affordable.

After a chat with one of their reps, I decided to try out two of their wooden frames for a remodeling job I had planned. I hope this review will help those of you in need for quick turn frames, as I was.

I picked two pictures of Long Beach, since they represent a special moment in our lives and two frames that should work well with the beach theme of the room.

Two Frames in a box

The frames I ordered arrived quickly and in good shape.

Package Contents 

I pulled the two frames from the box and inspected them.

Each frame came with a board for the backside, a white matte, plastic glass, pins, hooks, and cables for hanging. I often use pictures without mattes and order the frames to fit the size of the picture exactly. If you like matting, make sure you order the right kind with your frames and learn how to cut them!

The pins confused me at first. I decided to visit the Picture Frame Guys Website, to see if they do have framing instructions. I only found tips and tricks and some basic information, but not a quick step-by-step guide. It seems trivial, but I believe many people might benefit from this information. I hope that I can get them to update their site.

Putting everything together


Here is one of the pins used to keep the picture and rear board inside the frame. I simply pushed them into the wood with a screwdriver, which was very easy and took me only a few seconds per frame.


I fastened the hooks at the sides of each frame and cut the cables with a wire cutter. I suppose you could just use one of the hooks at the center top in lieu of the hangers, but they would be visible, unless you hang the picture above eye level. I convinced myself to do it right, after all it took only 2 minutes.

Inspection and Credits

Hanging on the Wall 

After I spent less than 5 minutes on the frame, I was ready to hang it on my wall. Not a bad time for a first time framer who used to let others do the work.

I have to admit that the two ladies of the house helped me with that project and deserve some credit too. Nagging, purring, giving opinions, and holding tools comes at a great physical expense, which is why we decided to take a collective rest after the hard labor.

Tina resting 

Then we spent some time inspecting the frames up close and decided that we liked the ease of the process and that we would shop here again.

Frame Closeup 

The frames look outstanding on my wall, much better than my product shots make them look. I cannot wait to complete the remodeling to see how everything comes together. 

where was this a few months ago!

When I was struggling with how I was going to frame everything for the exhibition I had! They look like a great resource and I'll have to give them a try, though I'm with you, I hate framing...especially when you have to reclean the glass because you missed a piece of lint.

It's not the framing but the matting

I don't mind framing pictures, but what I really hate is doing the mats. It's especially a pain if you don't have a lot of very clean workspace. My mat cutter is sitting unused...

Very informative review. I

Very informative review. I really appreciate how ways were laid. Very interesting.

You've got helpers like mine

Love the picture of that furry helper. I have 2 of them and my oh my do they love to "help" with projects!

Very helpful review

Thank you for making such review. I'm struggling to find a decent frame store here in our place.

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