Canon EOS 7D Field Guide

Canon 7D with electronic level 

With the new EOS 7D, Canon introduced a camera with APS-C sensor and positioned it above its previous top APS-C lineup, the XXD series. With this strategic move, Canon has once more the best available APS-C camera on the market. The 7D outshines all other crop factor cameras and even manages to score points against its more expensive full frame rivals. Canon manages the tightrope walk of combining some of the best features of APS-C cameras, such as more reach and a super fast shutter, with the superior image quality and resolution of full frame cameras through its advanced new CMOS sensor.

The stunning 18MP resolution combined with high ISO performance is currently unchallenged in this segment. Combined with the fast 8 frames per second shooting action that the two Digic IV processors enable, the camera is the perfect all-round talent. The Canon 7D is ideal for the sports shooters among you who take advantage of the crop factor, giving you the same reach with smaller, lighter and cheaper lenses; and also for you landscape photographers who are resolution fanatics to create large-scale prints.

The 7D is also the first EOS camera that offers full HD (1080p) video shooting with all three common frame rates (24-movie, 25-pal, 30-ntsc) as well as faster frame rates at reduced resolution for high speed fanatics. Combined with the Canon lens lineup of the EF and EF-S series that fit this camera, you have a video system that kicks the pants off some high-end professional video cameras.

The 7D thus has to live up to very high expectations. In this field guide, I will document my experience with the camera and keep you updated on new developments. My Canon 450D field guide has developed into an interesting discussion forum. I would like to encourage you to ask any questions you may have about the 7D and I promise to do my best to find an answer, check my camera for you or perform a test to find a solution.

Form Factor

Canon 7D form factor

The heavy and very sturdy feeling of the 7D is no surprise. The camera’s magnesium alloy body and excellent dust and weather seals are supposedly on par with the famous EOS-1N film camera series. This means you can work with this camera even in harsher environments. The camera just feels good, with all the buttons at the right place. If you are familiar with other Canon cameras, especially with the XXD series, you will immediately feel comfortable with the 7D.

Viewfinder / Live view / Electronic Level

One of the most celebrated new features is the huge viewfinder (1x magnification). As you can see from the pictures, it really dominates the back of the camera. Put this baby to your eyes and you will immediately realize the size and brightness of the viewfinder.

The 7D is one of the few cameras that have 100% viewfinder coverage. This means that you see exactly the same area as what you see in the final image. By comparison, the Canon 50D has 95% viewfinder coverage. This means that the final image will have slightly more information on the corners of the image. Personally, I feel that this feature is not very important. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to crop a little bit from the edges with those cameras that have less than 100% coverage.

Like all recent DSLRs, the 7D also supports live view, but like no other, it has an electronic level. The electronic level looks like an instrument in an airplane, which indicates roll and pitch. You can enable it in live view mode and clearly see the horizontal and vertical tilt. With this information, you can adjust your composition to get straight images. I enabled the level before I took the image at the top of this article. Align red line and the (hardly visible) green line for a straight shot. From the vertical row of lines, you can also see that I have tilted the camera down.  Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it is not. You will get the hang of it very quickly.

Image Quality

Canon has achieved the impossible. With a resolution of about 18 megapixels, each pixel comes from a smaller sensor site. This should result in noisier pictures, yet the 7D produces very clean, high-resolution images, even at higher ISO sensitivities.

High ISO performance

One of the Canon 7Ds features I am most excited about is the capability to record images at very high ISO sensitivities of up to ISO 12800. The camera also has an auto ISO function that can automatically adjust the sensitivity between ISO100 – ISO3200 depending on available light. With a maximum ISO of 12800, the 7D is 8 times more sensitive than other cameras that have a maximum ISO of 1600.

Tine ISO3200 

My cat Tina was kind enough to pose for some shots. The light conditions were very bad, so I had to rely on the image stabilization feature of the kit lens (28-135mm IS) and on the high ISO performance of the camera.  The two red fields indicated where I took the two 100% crops shown below.

Here are the stats for this picture:

Aperture:  f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/15s
Focal Length 50mm
ISO 3200

At 1/15s and 50mm (80mm equivalent for the 1.6 crop factor), I am already pushing the Image stabilization past 2 stops into the grey zone.

Tina Crop1 Tina Crop 2

From these two 100% crops you can see that there is still very good detail in the image. You can also see some of the noise filtering (smudges) in the right image. I used Canon’s very own RAW converter “Digital Photography Professional” (DPP) for this test, due to some problems with my other Adobe converters.


I took the camera for a test drive shooting christmas lights in San Francisco tonight. Usually I would take my tripod, but I deliberately left it in the trunk of my car. I was able to get some amazing shots without even having to use the tripod. Some of the photographs, like those I took inside Macy's overlooking Union Square would not have been possible with a tripod. Once more, the high ISO capability really comes in handy. Here are some quick picks (all photographs were hand held in complete darkness):

On my way back to the car I passed by Chinatown. I couldn't resist the tempation:

Chinatown at night

At the Embarcadero Center looking towards the Ferry Building (I used the builtin flash with flash compensation of -2.5 to brighten up the arch):

Embarcadero looking towards Ferry Building

Embarcadero Four, at the front door:

Embarcadero Center Tower


While I was reviewing some a 4 second exposure today, I noticed what looked like banding artifacts (horizontal lines) in a 4s exposure:

7D Banding Artifacts

This is a crop from a section of the night sky. Increase the brightness of your monitor to see it.

I retested, taking a 30 second exposure at ISO 200 and f/5 in my backyard. This time I put the viewfinder cover on (the rubber strap that on the neck band). I took one long exposure with noise cancellation on Auto and one with noise cancellation enabled, but I could not reproduce this. The contrast was lower though, as the entire sky was fairly bright on this overcast day in the city. Maybe the banding was due to the neglect of using the viewfinder cover, but I am inclined to believe it is a sensor artifact, maybe caused by the dual signal processors. Maybe each works on one half picture, similar to the television. I will keep an eye on this and report new developments. At this level I am not concerned.

File Sizes

 The file size depends on the ISO setting. The values in the table below are estimates my camera shows when I insert an empty 16GB flash card.

 100  610  482
12800  466  363

The camera also supports smaller file sizes, but there is no reason to shoot at reduced resolution with today's storage systems and flash memory prices.

Software support

The 7D is brand new, so I am not surprised that my version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 does not support the RAW files. However, I was surprised to find out that even the Lightroom Beta 3 didn’t seem to have full support yet. The white balance was whacky, giving my cat a very unnatural yellow tint. I manually adjusted it and I still need to see how Lightroom performs with 7D files shot under natural outdoor lighting. I also should check if Adobe has some updates available.

Meanwhile I used DPP to convert my RAW files. Compared to Lightroom, the standard noise filtering settings in DPP depend on the ISO range you used for your shot. At the highest ISO setting, DPP performs heavy filtering. You can always adjust the sliders and trade cleanliness for detail.

DPP to Photoshop Conversion 

While I was editing the file on my laptop, I noticed that DPP displays colors different from Photoshop. You can see this in the screenshot above. I adjusted the RAW file in DPP (right) and then exported it to Photoshop. I was surprised to discover that it looked completely different in Photoshop, leading me to believe that DPP has some issues with color management. I am sure I will have an answer in a couple of days.


Here is an example video I shot in San Francisco at the Ice Rink at Union Square. The video resolution is 1920x1080 with 24 frames per second. You need to switch to full screen and to HD (make sure you select 1080p). You also need to have a fast computer and a very high resolution large monitor to judge the quality. The original file size was 376MB for 1:05 minutes of video.

Follow the youtube link if you have trouble.

Sample files

Here are some original sample files straight from the camera. I used the kit lens at aperture f/8 and shot handheld (Image Stabilization off) at about 50mm. You can get the full stats from the EXIF data of the JPG files.



ISO 1600 RAW

ISO 1600 JPG

ISO 6400 RAW (will upload later)

ISO 6400 JPG (will upload later)


Some galleries of images shot with the 7D:

Colorado National Monument, CO

Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Mojave National Preserve, CA

Currently you can get $50 cashback from Canon. Here is the rebate form.

Also check out my Canon Rebel XSi Field Guide

Awesome. I can't wait to

Awesome. I can't wait to read more. I have kept an eye on the 7D since it came out.


Yes video is really good. I forgot to mention that Youtube has two HD options and that it seems to default to 720p when you turn on HD. When you take the youtube link, you can change the resolution to 1080p on their site.


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How do you find this camera compares to others you have used in terms of image quality?

Very well

I think the 7D compares very well to every other camera I have ever had, but even the Rebel T1i can beat my previous cameras in terms of resolution and high ISO capability. Granted thee 7D is better than the T1i, but I mainly bought it for the features. I always loved my 20D but never liked the form factor of my 450D. The 7Ds weather sealed body and professional grade performance, the speed (8 frames per second) were also important to me besides the image quality.
Canon has made progress in sensor technology and it clearly shows in the 7D.

high iso in low light

Hello Andre!
I just discovered your homepage and i will certainly spend some time here.
I would like you to subjectively compare the presence of noise at higher ISOs between the 450D and 7D.
Of course I am aware that the 7D should be better but please try to say roughly which ISO setting on 7D generates the same amount of noise as ISO400 on the 450D.
If you can compare 7D with Canon 300D it would be even better as I use one, but 450 will give me a hint.
I have been waiting for the 5D mk2 to drop significantly in price but now my patience seem to be dropping earlier...

best regards from Roger in Sweden.


Hello Roger,

I can do one better and send you an original RAW file and JPG file for different ISO settings.
You need to remember though, that the 7D JPG files are strongly filtered and that the RAW files aren't fully supported by common RAW software. You can open it in Lightroom 3.0 Beta to judge the noise though.
I am not sure if I will get around to do it before the new years celebration, but I should have something appropriate up soon enough.
Keep in mind that the pixel size of the 300D was much larger, since it had "only" 6.3 MP whereas the 7D has 18 MP with the same sensor size. So the area of the pixel site in the 300D is almost three times as high. In theory noise scales with 1/sqrt(area). However this is the area of the photo diode which is not equal to pixel size (but close).
You will get usable results even at very high ISO, but when you "pixel peep" you will clearly see the limitations. However you can still get relatively large size prints with good quality, since noise usually looks much worse on a monitor compared to print.


Hi, and thanks for the fast reply!
I wanted to ask for files but did not have the nerve..
When the files arrive(no hurry) I will examine, resize and crop them to make my own opinion.

// Roger

New sample files

Hello Roger,

I uploaded the samples (see in the main article below the video). I uploaded ISO 100 and ISO 1600 for now, since this represents the range of the Rebel Cameras.
I will upload the ISO 6400 shots later.

Auto-shutoff on 7D LCD Display?

Hi Andre,

I just found your site yesterday and have really enjoyed reading your articles, especially this one about the EOS 7D. It has been a huge help to me in my decision to purchase this particular model.

Just wondering if you can answer one question for me since you already own a 7D and I have yet to actually hold one. Canon added a very nice feature to their Rebel EOS T1i... a feature that automatically turns off the LCD display when you put your eye up to the viewfinder. This not only helps battery life, but it also cuts down on the glare into your eye while taking a picture. I did get a chance to try a T1i, and absolutely loved this feature! However, in everything I've read so far, it doesn't appear that Canon included this brilliant feature on the 7D. I'm really surprised by that since the 7D is even newer than the T1i, and nearly 3x the price.

Can you confirm this one way or the other?

Keep up the great work. I've bookmarked your site and will be visiting often!


Two displays

Hello Phil,

thank you for becoming a reader of my blog. You can subscribe to the feed to get new posts delivered to your reader if you like. I will soon have the first galleries online with pictures I took on the 7D.
About the LCD shutoff:
Thank you for your excellent question. Despite using both types of cameras, I have not thought of this.
Canon included no other display in the Rebel series. All relevant shooting information like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, resolution etc is shown on the LCD screen. For instance when you are in aperture priority mode and turn the dial, the camera gives you feedback on the LCD screen (what aperture you set it up to). The shutoff is thus a necessity to keep the screen from blinding you when you peep through the viewfinder.
On a camera 3x as expensive ;-), Canon has the luxury to include a second LCD display on top of the camera (see second photograph on this page). This is the type of display similar to a digital watch. It is not background illuminated (but you can turn on an illumination to read it at night) and thus does not blind you. The main LCD in the back does not turn on when you turn the dials. Instead you will read the information from the top LCD screen.
It sounds more complicated than it is. Quite frankly I am not aware if the 7D has a shutoff feature or not, simply because I never needed one. The main LCD is mainly to review pictures, use live view shooting or browse through the menus. Since my first Rebel (300D) still had the simply LCD on top, I was kind of annoyed at this "feature" of the newer Rebels. So don't worry, it doesn't take much getting used to and you will save battery life if you don't need the back LCD as often.
Although the quick setup button (over the info button), lets you display and change all common settings on the main LCD screen, I usually pressed it again after I was done to turn off the screen before shooting.

7D screen

Okay, I didn't quite realize the 7D worked that way, but that makes sense now that you've explained the difference between the two. Thanks so much for the helpful info. I look forward to learning the ins-and-outs of the 7D when I finally get it in my hands, and I look forward to visiting your amazing website often to learn even more!

Hot Pixels

Hi there! how is the pixels on your camera when set to lets say 30sec. and iso 3200 with the body cover attached and a shot is made? mine seems to produce a whole constellation of pixels..... any suggestions for the in body sharpening and picture style settings?

thanks a lot

finished image

I have the 30d and i use a company to print images for me sometimes they come back with portraits half heads sliced off! how do i get by this as if i change image size to suit a 10x8 image then i want say different sizes i cant have????
would the 7d be better for solving this problem or would i still have the same issues???? im not very good on technicalside of things!!!!! thankyou will look forward to a reply

You need to find out what

You need to find out what format the print will be and crop your picture on the computer accordingly. Virtually all SLR use a 2:3 format. Pictures straight from the camera thus fit 4:6, 9:12, 12:18, 20:30 etc.
The 8:10 format (4:5 aspect ratio) is common with medium
format photography. You can still print your pictures in this format, but you need to crop it yourself if you wish to control the crop (eg only
from the bottom instead of top and bottom in a poertrait format shot)

Canon EOS 7D in the field

I recently took a 7D on vacation to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and it truly was a dream to use. Very easy to pick up the interface and button layout despite the fact that prior to using the 7D I was only used to a modest 350D.

The only disappointment was some vignetting from the 15-85mm lens I was using.

You can read the full field review here.

Canon 7D v/s Canon 550D

Hello Andre
I have been reading about both the cameras and a lot of reviews say that in similar conditions and similar settings with similar lenses, Canon 550D takes sharper picture than Canon 7D.
I just want to know if it is true.
I went to a shop to have a feel of both the camers and Canon 7D felt very good.
but then what matters is the image quality.
Can you please shed some light on it.
I would highly appreciate if you can email me at
I really look forward to buying Canon 7D but the issues with the soft image keeps me away from it and tell me to buy Canon 550D and put the saved money in Quality lens
hope to hear from you

7D vs 550D

The resolution of both cameras is equal.
I don't believe that the 550D takes sharper pictures, unless the 7D wasn't correctly focused. I know that the 7D has a autofocus microadjustment while I don't believe that the 550D has this feature.
So in conclusion, the sensors are similar which should give you similar sharpness results on "in-focus" images. The 7D lets you fine tune your focus, which means if you have the potential to tweak your focus and get sharper images.

This is speculation:
I think that Canon adjusts consumer products to deliver the crisp highly saturated images from the in-camera processing that consumers expect. That is if you shoot JPG and don't care about post-processing (consumer mode). If you shoot RAW, both should deliver similar results. Pro shooters prefer more neutral results and like to do adjustments on the computer. The sensor data always requires sharpening, due to the way it interpolates colors from the Bayer color pattern.
This is a moot point for most serious photographers who use RAW anyways. Frankly I don't even care about sharpness, contrast and saturation settings of my camera, since they do not affect the RAW image which preserves the data exactly as it comes from the sensor.
I use SilyPix Pro and Adobe Lightroom to convert those files.

Video ISO

Hello! The video that was recorded of ice skating at Macy's--what ISO is that shot at?

I don't recall. It has been

I don't recall. It has been so long ago. I think I had the camera at 1600 or 3200. My best guess is 3200.

got my 7D

Hi Andre!
I stumbled upon your site today when i was looking for color management and trying to decipher sRBG and Adobe RGB.
Finally i got my 7D, and i am enjoying it and learning about it.
i will explore your sitemore i ask questions that already been Answered.
but my immediate question would be do you prefer Adobe on DPP, currently i am using DPP on my first 300 odd photos i took and contemplating should i pay and go to CS5 or stay?

Color Management

Color Management is a tricky subject to say the least. I wrote an article about this: Color Management.

The short answer is:

Always choose the widest color space during the editing process. Adobe RGB is a good choice. I use ProPhotoRGB if the software supports it. The final JPG should ALWAYS!!! use sRGB. I cannot stress this enough, since some printing companies and some web browsers assume sRGB.

If you stay within DPP all the time it doesn't really matter, but if you use DPP to pre-process RAW to TIFF for further processing, you should save the TIFF in a wider color space, especially if you plan to fuzz around with saturation etc.

I took the plunge and bought Photoshop a long time ago. Since then I bought the upgrades. I don't think it is necessary. You could use DPP and Photoshop Elements.


Wow! Your night shots are

Wow! Your night shots are amazing! If only I can get my own camera to snap pictures like that.

This camera has taken some

This camera has taken some amazing night shots!! the video posted is crystal clear too with no lag other than the rubbish graphics card on my pc.


nice pictures there!!

nice pictures there!!

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Not everybody can afford

Not everybody can afford this camera, especially if they are just starting out. If you already have some experience with DSLRs and are currently doing some freelance work which your current camera might not be able to handle, then consider getting the 7D, but I would think that your lens collection is more important than the body itself.

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black screen

I was shooting an event and my screen went black. That meant I could not review images on the fly. I tried turning off and on and removing battery, but still black.
The camera still releases and I can shoot, but it's like going back to film and having to wait to see if I got what I needed.
I am wondering if there is a fix, or do I have to send in to Canon and wait 8 weeks?

Thanks for any help.


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