San Juan Bautista


Today the weather was perfect. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain again. Reason enough to grab my new Camera and do a little shooting. I did not want to go too far so I went to San Juan Bautista. This wonderful small town lies about 40 minutes south (from Sunnyvale, CA) on Hwy 101. It has the largest of California Missions.

Point Bonita Lighthouse


Another picture we took yesterday. Point Bonita Lighthouse,
about 3 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge at the entrance to the Bay.
You need some luck to be able to photograph this lighthouse without fog
clouds obstructing your view.


I finally got my new 20D !


Yesterday i picked up my new Canon EOS 20D at the local fedex store together with a 70-200mm f/4 L USM Canon Lens. What a combination. Here is one of the first pictures taken with my 20D (with a different Lens).
This camera is incredibly fast. It will be great for some action shots.
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Another Big Sur Image


Taken at dawn at the pacific coast. This image is also available as a widescreen wallpaper.



Today I drove down to Big Sur on Highway 1. It is one of my favorite spots and not that far from where I live. It is always a good photo opportunity. This image was taken from Rocky Point looking south. More Big Sur images can be found in my California Galleries.

Giant Cranes arrive in Oakland


Yesterday two giant cranes arrived in San Francisco.
The cranes were assembled in China and delivered via Ship to Oakland.
Expected clearance under the Bay Bridge was 11 inch.
Here you can see coast guard choppers checking the clearance.


Firefall Phenomenon


Yesterday I was finally able to shoot the famous firefall phenomenon. I already tried to capture this last weekend but I had no luck with the weather.
During the last two weeks of February, the waterfall will be backlit by the setting sun creating a natural firefall.
Only during these two weeks will the waterfall carry enough water and the sun will be setting in the right angle.
It is quite a spiritual experience.
At first the waterfall is hardly visible. Only when the sun hits it in the right angle will the mist of the waterfall create such a spectacular phenomenon. The waterfall seems to appear and disappear with the suns rays.

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