New Galleries shot with the Canon 7D

I have uploaded two new Galleries of pictures from my recent trip to the Four Courner States and Nevadea. I shot these pictures with my new Canon 7D. Since the camera is brand new, I had to change my workflow, mostly because my version of Photoshop does not support it and Lightroom 3 Beta does not give me good results with white balance. I worked things out though and finally learned how to use Silkypix Pro (review coming).

Meanwhile, here are some galleries for you to enjoy.

Valley of Fire State Park

The first Gallery is Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This is a very diverse park with plenty of alien looking rock formations to explore. Had I known how much fun it was to explore this jewel, I would have come here sooner.

Colorado National Monument

The second Gallery is Colorado National Monument. I have been in the vicinity twice before and couldn't make it here either. Colorado National Monument also was a pleasant surprise. Nearby parks in Utah overshadow this little pleasant park.

I am working on more galleries and some interesting blog posts. Meanwhile, enjoy these two.

How to Develop Your Own Style of Photography

Bristlecone Pine It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, but when it comes to creative arts, it’s best to develop your own style. Famous artists and sculptors have their signature styles, and it is their innate uniqueness that allows experts and aficionados to recognize their work and differentiate it from that of their peers. If you want to gain a fair amount of fame and success as a professional photographer, you need to develop your own style too, one that says you’re unique and different from the hundreds of thousands of others in the business. While it’s easy to think along these lines, most photographers don’t know how to go about developing their own style. It does not happen overnight, and to get to a point where your work is easily distinguishable, you need to first build a firm foundation:

Canon EOS 7D Field Guide

Canon 7D with electronic level 

With the new EOS 7D, Canon introduced a camera with APS-C sensor and positioned it above its previous top APS-C lineup, the XXD series. With this strategic move, Canon has once more the best available APS-C camera on the market. The 7D outshines all other crop factor cameras and even manages to score points against its more expensive full frame rivals. Canon manages the tightrope walk of combining some of the best features of APS-C cameras, such as more reach and a super fast shutter, with the superior image quality and resolution of full frame cameras through its advanced new CMOS sensor.

Los Angeles again

Huntington Library Japanese Garden

During the Thanksgiving weekend we drove to Los Angeles. I just finished uploading a number of photographs and created a few new galleries in my Los Angeles section. The image above is from the Japanese Garden in the Huntington Library. It is just one of the magnificent places we discovered. The Getty Center was fascinating as well. The striking architecture of the Center, sitting on top of a mountain overlooking Downtown L.A. and Westood is a tourist magnet.

One our way home we took a small detour through Simi Valley, where we discovered the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Among the fascinating exhibits is the original Air Force One Plane of President Reagan. The library is definitely worth a visit should you ever get to this area.

The correct Exposure – a Tutorial – Part 2: Motion and Shutter Speeds

Learn the skills to get the shot, no matter how fast your subject moves.

In Part 1 of this tutorial, I explained the connection between Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO sensitivity. In this part, I will elaborate on some practical applications and show you how to set up your camera to achieve the effects you want.

Whether you want to freeze action or blur the lights of a car at night, motion is a primary concern of many shooters. Many questions I receive relate to motion. Some readers of Part 1 suggested that I continue my series, elaborating on different scenarios to help guide you through many possible photography scenarios you may encounter.

Freezing Motion in Action Shots

An example of a subject frozen in Motion is this photograph of a rock jumper in Maui.

Rock Jumper 

How to sell on Amazon

Or how I traded wits with the Nigerian Mafia.

Unused, Unsold and Unwanted

In the past, I have disposed of my used equipment on eBay. Writing the perfect sales copy, creating images and positioning myself against other sellers in the hope to fetch a fair price took too much of my valuable time, hence I didn’t bother going through the motions and left much of my equipment unused, unsold and unwanted.

Computer problems and free pictures

Golden Gate Park

After I suffered yet another computer crash I finally decided to head over to Fry's and walk home with a Quad Processor Computer, 8GB of RAM and Windows 7. Seems like the motherboard on my old computer was finally fried after it refused to recognize any of my hard drives. I added two monitors to the computer and can now enjoy the editing process again.

I have not even installed Photoshop on my new computer yet, but I am already editing photos like a champ. I downloaded the new Lightroom 3.0 Beta version from Adobe. It took some time to get used to the interface, but I am coming around to like it very much. I think I am going to write a review of Lightroom, maybe pitching it against another one of my favorite RAW editors, Silkypix PRO.

I am completely fed up by the licensing policies of Adobe, which may ultimately keep me from buying Lightroom. I am not sure yet. As my raid array disintegreated, I had to reinstall Photoshop. Then later I decided to build a raid again and install Photoshop again. Apparently the software kept recognizing a new computer each time, possibly because of the raid. Now I have to call Adobe and explain the situation every time I wish to re-install Photoshop again. My requests to erase all licenses from their Servers and let me re-install was simply denied, leaving me frustrated with a useless $600 software.

The most recent photographs I uploaded to my Golden Gate Park Gallery are done with Lightroom only. Those images also do not have any watermarks anymore. For the last few years I have included watermarks that were barely visible, but now they are gone altogether. I am working on an idea to make all images on this website publicly available for free, but I do require attribution (hyperlink on websites and url on prints). Stay tuned for more information on free pictures.

Fall in the Sierra Nevada

Eastern Sierra Fall Color  

Fall has befallen the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The countless aspen trees light up the landscape in bright orange hues. I visited the area last weekend and took enough photographs to generate my new gallery on Fall in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. I hope as always that you enjoy the pictures and come back for more soon.