Oregon Coast Magazine

Oregon Coast Magazine

Nice !!!. Today I received my copies of the Oregon Coast Magazine (see left). The magazine features one of my picutres. This picture of the Yachats Bridge is shown prominently on page 39. The magazine (ISSN 0744-8317) features a wealth of information about the coastal region and makes a pretty good read.

I have a lot more pictures of Oregons coast not yet uploaded to my website. I guess I should display a lot more pictures.

Yes! We would like to see

Yes! We would like to see more of your Oregon Photos.

I just uploaded a new

I just uploaded a new Gallery (Oregon Dunes) and added some pictures to the coast gallery.


Great photos of the dunes as well.

Great job, Andre!

Great job, Andre! I'm always glad to visit your photo gallery and it's great to see that one of your photos has been published in Oregon Coast magazine.

When people ask me about putting photos on the web, I point them here...

http://www.TerrysComputerTips.com, my main site
http://www.DrawingOnTheWeb.com, my new web design blog

The Oregon Coast is a truly awesome place to live!

The Oregon Coast is a great place in which too work" And too Play
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Thanks For Sharing A Part Oregon With Me!

Untill you have lived in Oregon mostly on the Coast you have no idea of what you are missing out on. This magazine shares only a tip of it.
I have lived and walked where Lewis And Clark had their winter hootch.


Wow! I'm totally jaeuols! I love the Oregon Coast! We are in Florida and Oregon beaches are so different. I think the driftwood is amazing. My whole family loved sandboarding in Oregon...we don't have hills here, just lots of sand. :)Have a wonderful new year. I'm sure you will be so successful since you are sooo talented. :)~Kim


Happy new year to you! I've been following your blog for a few mnohts & am finally mking a comment! Your work is wonderful & free & you're very generous with your tutorials, thanks, looking forward to more;)Whatever happened to your collaborative grafiti weekend?Warm wishes, Emma


Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep looking for your posts.


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