iPhone vs. Smartphone

Apple's new iPhoneT-Mobile SDA
This week Apple rocked the world with the announcement of the iPhone. Despite the outrageous claims to be 5 years ahead of everyone else, the phone is a revolutionary hybrid between iPod / PDA and Phone. In this article I am going to compare some of the features to the T-Mobile SDA. Even though the MDA may be closer to what the iPhone offers, I am comparing it to the SDA since it primarily claims to be a phone. Both have very similar specifications but are completely different devices.
The iPhone was probably one of Apples closest guarded secrets. I knew my company was selling microchips to Apple, but I didn't know what products they would be in. It turns out our chips are in the iPhone and in the Apple TV. Not bad.
I bought my SDA last December, because it was the smallest phone that had the power (and wifi) to run Skype.
Skype on the SDA
The SDA is significantly smaller than the iPhone and for me (at the time of purchase) the size was a crucial factor. In the screenshot you can see that I am connected with via skype and that I have 4 emails in my inbox. Even though the iPhone comes with an amazing array of software already pre-installed, I haven't read anything about a Voice over IP (VoIP) client. It certainly has the capabilities. I think I have read somewhere on Engadget that you cannot install any software on it like you can on a Smartphone. I hope that there will be a way around this. For me the primary selling argument for the SDA was its capability to run Skype.

The browser of the iPhone is light years ahead of anything I have ever seen on a Smartphone. It loads websites in full view and lets you zoom in very quickly. The handling of the iPhone is also far superior to any smartphone on the market. With simple strokes (two fingers) you can zoom in and out. This really makes a difference when you want to surf the web on your phone. The iPhone also detects if you hold the phone in horizontal mode and flips the display accordingly.
iPhone browser in vertical mode iPhone browser in horizontal mode
Seing that the iPhone is somewhat related to the iPod, I am missing a good feed reader / podcast subscriber software. I have no idea if it is included or not, but I couldn't spot it anywhere on Apples website. That doesn't mean the iPhone doesn't have it, but as I said I couldn't find it.
reading about the iphone on my smartphoneSkookum Feed and Podcast
This is defenitely one of the advantages of a Smartphone. You can install just about any software you like. On my SDA i have Skookum running (see two pictures above). I am reading about the iPhone in the Engadget feed and I can download podcasts to my phone. I have scheduled the downloads to happen at night when I sleep, so I will always have fresh content on my phone in the morning (helps you skip through a boring meeting).

I could go on and one writing and reviewing. The iPhone comes out ahead in just about any category. It has far superior technology and has a whole lot of software installed already that you have to install on the Smartphone yourself (e.g. Google Maps). The Google Maps client for instance is far superior than the Java Midlet you can download for the Smartphone.
My SDA is limited to 802.11b while the iPhone has b and g modes (fast WiFi). My screen resolution is 240x320 (iPhone 320x480). The iPhone has a touchscreen the SDA doesn't (the MDA does and it even has a querty keyboard that slides out). My phones memory is 2GB (mini SD card) the iPhone has at least 4GB. The list goes on and on.
Overall, I am glad I only made a one year contract with T-Mobile. This means for Christmas this year I could get an iPhone, if it wasn't so freakishly expensive.
The iPhone defenitely has the cool-geekish touch that most Apple products have and its the first Apple product that really gets me excited.

Compare it to apples not oranges!

Comeon, you comparing iphone to last generation smartphone, the once that nobody wants to have anyway!
No take a look at new generation pda/phones with windows 5.0, that are available already and not in the summer as iphone.

For example Eten glofish:

Same size as iphone
build in GPS
3band wireless (A, b, g)
4 band GSM with EDGE
and voice dialing
plus intup 4gb storage card and you have got yourself iphone killer, for the same price, by the time iphone comes out, this eten will go down in price atleast $200.

So what are we talking about? getting extra screen space and fancy ear holding sensor (yes those are very cool gadgets), but I phone is missing so much that windows already has implemented. Like GPS and voice dialing, and voice activation (and you don't have to record each name, just pronounce it and phone will recogrize it itself, you could say for example "play such and such band" and it will start all songs by this band.

By the time iphone comes to market it will be outdated for atleast a year. But it will sell well, because it is ipod's big brother and reviews like the one above. Good luck people, I will use my 3 years old XDA IIs that has most of the features of Iphone and then some (like live traffic and bluetooth GPS), did I say it was 3 years old?

Well, I can only compare it

Well, I can only compare it to what I got. For me the question was, would I upgrade and the answer was pretty much no. Why? Because I love the podcast and feed reader and I haven't seen it on the iPhone.
Also I have picked what I know to be the smallest Smartphone around. Its not a PDA phone and the iPhone might go head to head with smartphones. I am aware of that, but the SDA packs a pretty good punch in a very small package. I am not aware of any other phone that can doo that.
I don't want to lug around a PDA and I don't like holding a PDA to my head for calls, neither do I like to walk around with a Star Trek Geek like Bluetooth headset.
So yeah, you are right. The SDA is probably not the best competitor to compare with, but if you are looking for an ultra small package, it is defenitely first choice (for me that is).
And since I am already missing features on the iPhone my even smaller SDA has, there is no question that an even more feature rich WM5 Smartphone can do even better.
BTW, I still believe the iPhone will sell like hot cakes, simply because its Apple.


The iPhone is simply magnificient. The only con and tragic flaw in it is the battery life and determining whether or not the multi-touch is reliable enough with your finger. For those who are curious about its touch screen interface, let me clear the air up about some of this. First of all, it has a capability with a sensor where it detects movement and objects, so if you put it up to your ear then it will not get all out of whack. It also includes a great selection of iTunes where you can sync all of your library onto your iPod as well as your contacts. You can also view webpages as you can on your PC, and its layout is simply beautiful as it is on a copmuter screen. It includes widgets, offering a variety of selections such as the weather, satellite images, maps, GPS, stock reports, etc. The capability of this cellular device is incredible because you can view movies on it as you can an iPod video, yet its a widescreen iPod! The prices are also fair as well with the 4GB at $499 and the 8GB at $599, considering all of its capabilities it is NOT over priced. All I know is I'm getting one the minute it comes out. The fairy godmother in the back of the Apple room sure is a genious. Well done Steve Jobs.

iPhone incredible? I think not...

Yes it's pretty. Yes the screen is nice. Yes the hype has caused more boners than Viagra. That's right, hype...

Apple has had multiple opportunities to show they can innovate and create products well ahead of the competition. What do they do every time? Market to the 20 something, trust-fund slacker. Does anyone really think iTunes is going to be a selling point for this phone to the business market?

If Steve Jobs wants me to drop my SmartPhone then he has to:

- Connect me to my Exchange or Lotus Notes servers directly. POP3 is for Grandma and Grandpa. I want my mail (all folders), calendar, contacts, notes and SharePoint lists real-time and synched.
- I need to open PDF files along with PowerPoint, Excel & Word.
- Let me choose my provider, quit being so ****ing proprietary. Windows runs on Mac but MaxOS will never run anything other than Apple. Their words, not mine.
- 3G
- Fix the battery life or st least allow me to replace it.

Nice to haves:
- Give me remote access into my office. That means a terminal server or Citrix client.
- > 2 MegaPixel camera
- WiFi
- Add an expansion slot. 8GB is not enough if you're going to watch movies.

Dan, I pretty much agree


I pretty much agree with most of the things you said, however you are pointing out that you wish to have a phone for the business market and at the same time a > 2 Megapixel camera is on your wishlist. Most business phones should NOT have a digital camera, as many companies prohibit those anyways.

Watching movies on a phone? Give me a break, I might as well view them on a watch. Movies are meant to be seen on bigger screens, period. I don't care how fast and how much memory a phone has, I will never watch a movie on it. The only thing I can imagine is to download the news on the go, but a movie?

Well, Windows compatibility will probably not happen with Apple products.

Otherwise you surely make an excellent point. I have heard one person say:
"I am sure its gonna be a truly great phone and I want one, although I am sure I can never make it work the way I want." I think this sums it up for pretty much all Apple products.

About battery live: You wish to watch movies (high res screen) have WiFi and 3G enabled AND want a long life in a small package? How should this be possible. All those things are extremely power hungry.

Oh, BTW: The iPhone does have WiFi.

All that being said, I won't buy it myself for the above mentioned reasons, but Apple has always relied on their large crowd of followers and the hype they create around their products. It will be no different this time.

SDA lover

I love my SDA. My thousand-apps-loaded, movie n music playing, web-browsing, laptop-replacement SDA. Almost two years i've been taking it to class with a BT foldaway full-size keyboard to take notes, listen to music, watch a movie when bored, browse sites, read a book... Hasn't failed me yet.

But... this is about the iPhone, right?

Hm... Orientation detection sensor. Very nice. My camera can do that too. Oh, and its shorter, and a lil wider than the iphone, but gives me a 7-megapixel editable image.

Phone light sensitivity? Hm, software program that times it, and gives me a few days of battery life with significant talk time and wifi webbrowsing.

Zooming in and out. I have a hotkey programmed to activate the zoom function and then use the up and down on the joystick while still using the volume control to navigate the page.

All for a $80 device off eBay.

I enjoy the fact that Apple's taken on itself to topple the competition with these odds.

Its July, and I still see no toppling. Suddenly the demand for HTCs and Etens have gone up :) Weird correlation?

I have a 3G iphone, and it

I have a 3G iphone, and it beats the pants off every other phone I've ever owned, by far.

Word to the wise...you all need to use a spelling/grammar checker in the future.

Me too

I have come around to the iPhone some time ago. But these days I am closely looking at the development in the Android camp, esp. since AT&T openly discusses usage fees.


i was wondering can the i phone download pim back up,and outher programs that my htc pro 2 can download call blocker etc etc cause if so i am going to get one if not boooo,,besides spending 2,0000000 for an app that does that,

ipod and reg phone vs smartphone

what to get I don't like contracts and extra fees so the ipod touch and reg phone sound the best way to go, also the cheapest..
Smartphone meaning all in one package but 35 bucks more a month for 24 months..
or buy a ipod touch and keep my present plan, ipod costs one time fee of 299.95 16gig
vs..smartphone cost for contract of 150. plus 30 per month for 24 month minimum?
Having never had an ipod touch, I don't know what route to take..any suggestions??

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