Yosemite National Park - California (4Galleries)

Here you can find a comprehensive Travel Guide of Yosemite.

your pictures are truly

your pictures are truly fantastic. i love the firefall photo. I bet you were chuffed to bits when you finally got it?!


You are correct, I was quite happy. I haven't been back in recent years though, as the spot is now overrun with photographers. Maybe I will go again next year.


Great collection of photos. Wondering how many years it took??

Not many

Actually not that many. I have been to Yosemite on a couple of weekends. I think if you are dedicated you can do a lot of it within a week.

Galcier Point panorama

Is the Yosemite panorama from Glacier Point not for sale? I don't find it in the store.


I sell panoramas individually. The store doesn't support them, but I can send you a quote in a few days and keep the cost comparable to the pictures in the store.
Please contact me through the contact button in the top horizontal menu and I will get back to you.


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