San Francisco Bay (16Galleries)


i wanna be a photographer when i get older
& i think your photos are great
i love them

do you have any advice about photography?


Keep reading my tutorials, don't listen to people telling you you cannot do things or something has to be photographed in a certain way and experiment as much as you can.

Absolutely beautiful

I just came across your pictures and am blown away! Thank you for sharing these with the world. They are absolutely beautiful and I am going to sit down and look at them all!!I have passed your website on to family and friends to enjoy too. Having lived in California and now Washington (Olympic Peninsula) I am really enjoying the pictures from those locations. Thanks again!!


Great advise many pros are belived to be stingy and never share there ways of getting good photos but I agree just get in there and do it. Oh and dont wait till you get older start learning now.

Those are really great

Those are really great photos. You really have good shots. Keep posting and share more techniques about photography. Dr Naveed Fazlani

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