On the Road 2008

I am on a road trip again, enjoying the excitement of visiting new destinations. Afters staying up long for all the night time photography, I usually need to check into my hotel, shower, eat, download the photographs, recharge the batteries and check the weather for the next days. I do not get to sleep before 1am on most nights, but I really enjoy night time cityscapes. The streets are empty and the colors are much more vivid, due to the different light sources.

Skipping through some photographs, I picked this one since I liked the mood it projects. I have been in this city for just one afternoon (and night) which is a shame, but there are still so many places left to explore.

Nighttime city shots are very easy to create. All you need is patience and a tripod. Once you try it, I am sure you will get hooked too.

Excellent composition and

Excellent composition and light and I like the fact that there is no people in the picutre!


Wow, that is truly stunning. I am looking but don't see you mention where this was taken. It looks extremely European to me, but if you are on a road trip, I assume it must be in the US. I get a very "London" or "Amsterdam" vibe from the photo. Incredible!

Where is it

I am at the airport now, checking my comments with my cellphone.
I didn't post the location on purpose, since I wanted to keep people guessing for a short time.
Who says that you have to go on a road trip with your own car from home, or that you have to stay in North America for that matter.
I rented a surprisingly luxurious and powerful Sonata, since my Prius was not available.
You guessed quite right though, I did travel in North America, in a place where they barely speak English and don't speak Spanish either.
Does anyone know where it is?

Great perspective, like the

Great perspective, like the view of the boardwalks from this angle. A beautiful overall composition, nice work.

Great Picture from the Boardwalk in Quebec City!

Being from Montreal it was easy for me to guess that this picture was taken in Quebec City, Canada. The castle in the picture is Chateau Frontenac, a luxury hotel at the top of the cliff just above the old city. And if anyone is stil wondering what language Andre is refering to... C'est du français! (It's French!) This night cityscape is really nice. And translating it into B&W gives it a "old picture" feel to it (just like Quebec City itself has this old world feel to it...) I've also been doing night shots and it's true that the results are always suprising and very colorful...


The answer came faster than I thought. I have some great new shots of Montreal too. Too bad it was raining a lot. Unfortunately I had only one afternoon in Quebec City. In hindsight I should have planned much more time in Quebec and less time in Ontario. I was pressed for time before leaving and simply allocated more time for larger cities like Toronto. Big mistake!
Quebec and Montreal are both beautiful.
I was a little surprised how little english was spoken. I even had trouble ordering in some places (Tim Hortons) as many people did not speak English. My preconception was that everyone would be raised bilingual.


Hey, I was going to say Quebec! And don't you dare say it like "kw"....it's "k-bec"!!! But Genevieve definitely beat me out with the fabulous details. What a beautiful area.