Memorial Day Tip to Oregon

Columbia River Gorge - Vista House

I took the chance that Memorial Day offered me to go on a trip to Oregon. Taking a few days off was exactly what I needed after all the recent stress.

Unfortunately, the weather in Oregon was mostly bad with the exception of last Saturday. Somehow, it is always raining in Oregon when I am there. On all my trips, I never even had a full day of sunshine. Oregon is amazingly green due to the amount of rain it gets. It is one of my favorite places to photograph, if I have any visibility.

I wanted to evaluate my new Rebel XSI and take a few cool shots of Oregon. I got a few nice snaps on Saturday but not much else. Photographically the trip was not very exciting but I was able to relax quite a bit and since so many people stayed at home due to rising fuel cost, I did not even hit the mandatory traffic jam coming back after the holiday weekend.

I added some more information to my Rebel XSI Field Guide and I will probably add the pictures to my Oregon Gallery this weekend.

Oregon Weather

If you want a good chance at sun in the Portland area... come in August/September. Sure, it's sunny at other times, but it's really hit and miss.

Oregon Trip

My youngest step-daughter and her hubby live in Seattle and have visited Oregon. The photo ops there must be phenomenal, because they don't have the equipment nor the talent that you have and they still managed to come up with some nice shots.

What is the building in this particular image? I'm not familiar with the area so it's hard for me to place most things.

Vista House

That is a shot of Vista House on the Columbia River Gorge (about 10-15 miles from Portland). Who says I am using expensive equipment? This image was taken with the Rebel XSI. Good images are usually not the result of good locations. If your family can take good photographs, maybe they have a talent for it.

More on Vista House

Andre, thanks for the Vista House info. The photo from afar in the link to your photo album is spectacular. I did a quick search on Google to learn more about the building and its history and found out that it was originally built as a "comfort station."

Yours is one the sites I like to just randomly wander around to discover new places. For example, I am learning a bit about street photography and just now noticed that you have a gallery. I think that will be the next place on your site that I hit!

Thanks Uptake

Thanks again for the kind words. I have been a bit swamped recently, but I have a huge backlog of good articles and pictures that I need to put on the site. Unfortunately articles don't write themselves, so I always like to read stories like yours to motivate me to write.

Street photography is a lot of fun once you have been able to pull the trigger a few times without getting punched in the face. Its more about overcoming your own fears. Most people either don't mind or are too shy to approach the photographer afterwards.
All in all its a lot of fun. I guess I should write an article on approaching street photos.
I wrote a short article about it over here, but I want to write a longer piece too.


Vista House

Photografs is wat remains of a life.
In this case I found my great-aunt's foto's 41 year after her dead and I remembered her telling about her voyage to the states and give Google a try and yes the Vista house was still present.The postcard-photo is not dated but I guess about 1930.
Agatha Nottelman (1879-1970)
I hope to see the vista house myself
Hans Lek (The Netherlands)