Los Angeles again

Huntington Library Japanese Garden

During the Thanksgiving weekend we drove to Los Angeles. I just finished uploading a number of photographs and created a few new galleries in my Los Angeles section. The image above is from the Japanese Garden in the Huntington Library. It is just one of the magnificent places we discovered. The Getty Center was fascinating as well. The striking architecture of the Center, sitting on top of a mountain overlooking Downtown L.A. and Westood is a tourist magnet.

One our way home we took a small detour through Simi Valley, where we discovered the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Among the fascinating exhibits is the original Air Force One Plane of President Reagan. The library is definitely worth a visit should you ever get to this area.

Amazing Work

I enjoyed browsing through those galleries. Thank you for upoloading them!

Reagan Library

Andre, great pics of the Reagan library. I have passed by it many times on business but never stopped in and now I regret not having done so. Thanks for posting :-)

Beautiful pictures even i m

Beautiful pictures even i m from Los Angeles but never seen such exotic view.Thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful pictures even i m

Beautiful pictures even i m from Los Angeles but never seen such exotic view.Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for uploading such beautiful images . i love your gallery

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