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Getting Gasoline

We are all a bunch of addicts. Today I got my next fix. As you can see in the picture I am on the needle again, getting all pumped up.

Of course I am talking about gas and oil. Our economies have become so dependent on oil, that short supply disruptions could have catastrophic consequences. I have recently written an Article on Gas prices. There I speculated that it would be beneficial for future development if the high gas prices are here to stay, in order to develop alternative fuel sources. Currently the prices have dropped 10 cents again, but that doesn't mean much, considering how high they still are. We have become too dependent on foreign oil imports. We can only hope that we will be successful in significantly reducing our hunger for oil in the near future. Currently we are addicts willing to pay any price and willing to commit every crime to get our precious oil.

The other thing I can learn from the picture is that I should clean inside my gas tank cover.

Stupid Yahoo

When I started with this website a while ago, it was hosted with Yahoo.
I still keep a bunch of domains at yahoo, even this one.
I simply point the dns to the new servers of my current webhost.
So this domain came up for renewal and Yahoo sent me an email in advance, to check my credit card settings on my account. Obviously they didn't have my new information, so I decided to log in and just change them. After being asked 3 times for my password, I finally arrived at the right place.
I click on Payment Information and it asks for my password again. Now the system gets stuck in an infinite loop.

So I decided to send Yahoo an email. After about a week, they responded back to me with a phone number. Upon calling the number, I found out that it is the wrong one. Oh well. Fortunately AT&T webhosting connected me to Yahoo Billing.

I explained to the guy (who judging by accent was sitting on the other side of the world) that the website didn't work, and I asked him to take down my credit card information. He explained that this wasn't possible and that I need to go to their website and do it there (duh!).
The guy insisted to walk me through the process (as if I didn't know how to click the right buttons). Oh well, since I have so much time, why not. Obviously I got stuck at the same place.
So back to square one. He escalted the problem to technical support (as if they could change my credit card information). I guess I will have to wait another week. I am now getting awfully close to expiration of the domain and I am seriously thinking about just transfering it somewhere else too.

Yahoo is the first company that I know, that doesn't let you pay them and that actively encourages you to go somewhere else because they are not capable to write down your credit card number. It's impossible to find someone at this company to enter your credit card information into their computers. I am stunned.

Is Google losing it?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how Google is loosing their edge and putting up smokescreens to tell webmasters its their fault, while frantically working in the background to fix their problems.
Amazingly Googles search result really seem to be changing a lot on a daily basis now and their cache seems to be outdated.
But worst of all is this: Google is dropping indexed pages for no obvious reason on a daily basis. I have noticed the same thing on this website.
A short while ago, the Google Index showed that it had over 10,000 of my pages indexed, which made me wonder how this could be, as I only have around 2000 or so.
Yesterday I checked again, and voila, Google showed around 1000 indexed pages (far less than I have). I haven't used any suspicious advertising techniques mentioned in the link above, nor have I used any techniques that could explain the 10,000 pages and subsequent punishment by googles algorithm.
Today I checked the index again and this is what I found:

Visiting friends

Yesterday Terry Stockdale visited my site again and wrote a really nice entry on his blog The Next Window. Its good to keep contact and exchange ideas with other fellow webdesigners. Terry runs a few websites on Powweb, my former webhosting company. Seems like Terry was brave enough to ride out the large performance dip on PW while I dropped them like a hot potatoe. I never thought they would bounce back.

New Pictures of Mexico

Akumal Mexico

I have added a bunch of new pictures to the Mexico Galleries. Some came out pretty well. I am probably going to add a few more during the next couple of days.

Big Sur Wildflowers

Big Sur

Today we took a drive down to Big Sur where I found this beautiful patch of wildflowers. I think next weekend there will be a lot more flowers out thogh, but we were already pretty lucky today.

Returning from Mexico

Chichen Itza

We arrived back from Mexico one day after we were supposed to, because the flight by AA was delayed long enough that we missed our connection. AA put us into the cheapest Motel they could find, without any food vouchers. After killing a huge bug or roach, we felt very uncomfortable there. Early in the morning their shuttle picked us up again and we had to wait for hours at the airport in Dallas again.

The picture shows Chichen Itza. Lots of things have changed there. For once, people are not allowed to climb the pyramid anymore. Thank god, I have been able to do that a couple of years ago. It was unbelievably hot there. People were mostly hiding in the shade.

The Balance of the Universe


Seems like the Universe is always trying to get into balance again. After our Hotel upgrade, we now got a Hotel downgrade in the original hotel. They didn´t have the room we booked available and they asked us to move back to the other hotel and then move again tomorrow. We declined and got a downgrade on the room. So everything is balanced out again.

Our car is a water purifier. After driving around with the AC on for a while, the rear foot compartment will completely fill with water. I assume its condensation from the AC but I have no idea where it comes from. It will be interesting to hear what they are going to try when we return the car. Looking forward to my next discussion.